Why Direct Primary Care?

The bottom line…Everyone benefits

For the most part, our current health care system is “insurance driven” rather than “patient-centered”. Patients are treated according to what insurance companies will reimburse for, not necessarily what is the absolute best treatment for the patient. And insurance will not reimburse for natural treatments.

Most people these days have higher deductibles and have to pay for most, if not all of their primary care out of pocket before they meet their deductible. Direct Primary Care is the most affordable option around and you can know exactly what it will cost before you are even seen.

When dealing with insurance companies, the system is a complicated web of rules, regulations, added expense, time and overhead. In order to keep up with the high cost of third party billing, most primary care providers are stretched thin and stressed by seeing 30-40 patients a day. Additionally, they spend countless hours and dollars dealing with insurance companies.

Often, patients have difficulty getting appointments within a day or two, and do not get the care they deserve. Many patients experience crowded waiting rooms, long wait times, very little time with their provider, and the high cost of health insurance only adds to these frustrations.

There is a better way….welcome to Direct Primary Care!

GracePointe Healthcare is committed to simplifying and focusing on what is most important: our patients. By removing the insurance companies, we can treat our patients according to what they need for optimum health. And we can give our patients our full attention without needing to waste time and energy dealing with insurance companies or have the need to over-book our patient load. Our providers see a maximum of 16 patients a day – not 30-40 like most traditional family practices.

You can afford exceptional care.

High monthly insurance premiums to pay for routine office visits are not a necessity. More people are choosing higher deductibles or catastrophic-only insurance to lower their monthly premiums and paying for their routine care out of pocket. We are affordable and have several pay options to choose from to fit your particular needs.


We know you deserve the best care possible.

Whenever possible, our patients are seen the same day or next day, experience a less crowded waiting area, less wait time, and more one-on-one time with their provider. We are also available for housecalls, phone, and email consultations. We are committed to giving you the best care possible.