Votiva and Feminine Rejuvenation

How Does Votiva Work?
VotivaUnlike most of the devices marketed toward feminine rejuventation,  the Votiva device from InMode is designed to deliver bipolar radio frequency energy instead of monopolar radio frequency energy and  because of this, treatment times are shorter.   
Doctors have said that  this non-surgical feminine vaginal incontinence rejuvenation device is safer because of the temperature cut-off valve.  As the device reaches a specific degree, it will automatically shut off and cool down.  
Radiofrequency energy is not new to medical procedures and as it turns out, works really well on the vaginal tissue.  This tissue responds well to the heat which forces the existing collagen fibers to contract, tightening the skin and pulling it together.

Long term, the  non-surgical feminine vaginal incontinence rejuvenation device technique works because the body recognizes the heat as an injury and sends in natural healing forces to produce new collagen fibers, which leads to long-term tightening of the tissue.


Am I A Candidate for Votiva?

Votiva is used to treat medical indications such as stress urinary incontinence, post-menopausal vaginal dryness, or sexual dysfunctions.  Making tissue healthier in older women makes them more comfortable and increases their quality of life. It can also treat chronic urinary tract infections, chronic yeast infections, and painful sex.   

The reason the therapy works for incontinence is that when the tissue on the vaginal wall is tightened, it acts as a support to the urethra, which helps prevent leaks.   This is one of the most beneficial uses of Votiva and is for women of all ages, especially after child birth.


votiva twoWhat is the Votiva Treatment?

The Votiva treatments intended to be delivered in three sessions, two to four weeks apart.  Additional treatments may be necessary, dependent on the specific areas being addressed.  Our staff will work with you to develop a custom plan so you know exactly what to expect. The procedure is painless and you should be able to return to your normal routine immediately following the treatment, without down time, and as your tissue heals, you will see continued improvements after the treatments have been completed.


How long do the treatments last?

Votiva treatment results vary from person to person but usually a follow up treatment once a year will be all you need.  

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Votiva. 

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The device has been cleared by FDA but is not currently covered by insurance.



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