Important Corona Virus Statement

Yes, we are open and seeing patients for all your routine care. We are committed to the health and safety of all of

sars cov 19 corona virus
sars cov 19 corona virus

our patients as well as their family’s. As you all know, as we schedule patients every 30 minutes or every hour, we do not ever have a crowded waiting room or long wait times. In addition to in person visits, we also offer virtual visits (for established patients) and encourage those whenever possible. We are also available to do housecalls.

Please continue to see us for all of your routine care.

If you are sick, please be sure to wear a mask when you enter our clinic.

Call us to schedule your appointment: 615-599-6868

Please review the following in regards to COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

  • We are doing testing for the Coronavirus
  • If you suspect you have the Coronavirus or any other illness please wear a mask
  • If you suspect you have the Coronavirus, please call us from the parking lot when you arrive and we will bring you back to an exam room right away
  • We are also doing antibody testing if you believe you have had Coronavirus and want to be tested for antibodies

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office: 615-599-6868.  

Reminder: Go to the Emergency Room ONLY if you are experiencing a true medical emergency.

We are praying for good health for all, for this pandemic to soon be behind us, and for our routines to return to normal.

Rob and Julie Tomsett

                       Rob and Julie Tomsett