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Tobacco and our Food – Connecting the Dots

WARNING: Food Rant. This week marks the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. Surgeon General warning against cigarettes. We have come a long way from no one really believing tobacco was harmful to where we are today. It has taken many deaths, lawsuits, medical studies and countless courageous individuals to fight the big tobacco industry and lobbyists but the truth is now undeniable. Tobacco is highly addictive and detrimental to our health.

Today, we are at the same place with the food we eat just like tobacco 50 years ago. Scientists are paid big bucks to formulate packaged foods for maximum addiction. The combination of sugar, fat and salt act like opiates in our brain. Packaged foods, pesticides, hormones, preservatives and GMOs are making us obese, diabetic and infertile. We are a nation ravaged with heart disease and cancer, food allergies, autoimmune system disorders, ADD/ADHD, Autism, etc., etc., etc. All because we are eating unhealthy, addictive, fat-laden, nutritionally deficient foods with “healthy” labels on them. And more pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer!

We need to get smart with food like we have with tobacco. Eat fresh, organic foods as close to how God made them for maximum nutrients. Stay away from most foods in a can, box or bag. Help educate others about the foods we are eating. Help fight the food industry and companies like Monsanto to expose the truth about the harms of pesticides and GMOs. Insist on GMO labels like the warning labels on cigarettes. Do what you can in your corner of the world to help our nation get on a path to health and wellness.

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