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The Journey to Good Health Starts with Great Food

freshveggiescertainly a wise choice to carefully consider the foods you eat. Are you serious about becoming healthy? Taking a good look at your food is a great place to start.

Great food is all around us, yet most Americans make bad food choices. To be blunt, our food choices are making us fat, sick and, if left unchecked, will kill us.  (If you haven’t already, watch the movie called Super Size Me. You will never look at a fast food burger the same way again.) Why do we eat this way? As many studies have shown, bad food is addictive and it is one of the worst forms of addiction, because often we don’t even realize it is happening.  Actually, most Americans (even ones that are obese) think their diet is pretty good but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When we look at other countries where people are thinner and healthier, it really comes down to the healthy foods they eat.

Fake food fills our grocery shelves and often sports grand labels like “Heart Healthy!”. The truth is it is laden with fillers, preservatives, dyes, pesticides and a hundred other bad-for-you things.  And when we eat this junk, our bodies tend to PREFER junk. Have you ever felt like you were a carb addict? Unhealthy carbs put your brain on a ‘high’, like taking a drug and your brain and body become addicted to these ‘food drugs’ and want more and more. And sugar does the same thing to our brains. And there is strong evidence to suggest the wheat we consume in our bread and pasta is just as bad due to genetic modification. When we cut out the junk and feed our bodies’ great food we break the addition. Our bodies begin to send the right message: More of this – good, healthy food; less of this – junk.  Our cravings will change to good foods!

It’s time to get back to food as God intended it: as close to the ‘real thing’ (natural, out of the ground or off the vine) as possible. But where do you start? Well… maybe the first step should be to cut out the bad carbs, sugar and wheat products from your diet (anything out of a box or bag – chips, breads, candy, pasta, etc.). And skip the meat with most meals. Replace them with fresh vegetables, fruit, brown rice and beans – organic is best if your budget will allow it.

Research vegetarian and vegan recipes on the web as there are countless dishes with amazing flavors that will not leave you feeling deprived. Be intentional with every bite you take as God has given us this body and we honor Him when we take good care of it.

Julie Tomsett is a published author and the office manager at GracePointe Healthcare; an affordable, direct-pay family practice and full service travel medicine clinic located in Cool Springs.

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