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Staying Healthy during the Holidays

Christmas should be a time of joy and good cheer so it’s important to do all you can to stay healthy during the holidays.

Minor ailments and colds are very common over the holiday season and it’s wise to be prepared. Along with your Christmas shopping, you might want to pick up some medical supplies to have on hand over the holidays. You don’t want to find yourself running to the store for medicine on Christmas morning, or worse yet sitting in an urgent care if you don’t have to. Your shopping list might include ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen, anti-acids, cough drops, cold medicine, band aids, antibacterial ointment, and a heating pad. And be sure to refill any prescriptions in advance as many pharmacies are closed on Christmas day.

With all the parties, and being indoors more, the chance of catching a bug increases. If you do end up with a cold, you can aid in the healing process by staying warm, keeping well hydrated and resting as much as possible.

You can lessen your chances of getting sick by staying clear of the fast food and eating plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit. Taking a high quality multivitamin, taking extra vitamin C, washing your hands frequently and getting plenty of sleep will all go a long way to help keep you healthy. You might also want to take probiotics as studies have shown they help stimulate the immune system, encouraging the production of virus-fighting white blood cells in addition to aiding with digestion. Be sure to get a flu shot as the CDC is now recommending it for everyone over the age of six months. Weekly B-12 shots can also help boost your immune system as well as give you extra energy. Exercise also has a positive effect on your immune system and working up a sweat helps rid the body of toxins. Be purposeful with managing your stress levels as too much stress affects the body and can lower your immune system.

Take time out for some fun and relaxation during the busiest time of the year. And be sure to set aside time for God. Studies have shown a strong correlation between spiritual health and physical health. And after all, isn’t Jesus what this holiday season is really all about?

Julie Tomsett is a published author and the office manager at GracePointe Healthcare; a direct-pay family practice and full service travel medicine clinic located in Cool Springs.

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