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Employer and Business Owners

small-business-ownersStruggling to provide quality, affordable healthcare for your employees? OurSmart Care Plan is the solution to all your employees’ routine healthcare. For just $49 a month your employees can be seen in our office whenever they need routine care for free and the cost of any needed basic labs (CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel & Urinalysis) are included with the office visit.

Pay for their Smart Care Plan in full for the year ($588) and they receive a FREE Comprehensive Screening Exam worth $275 which includes all basic labs plus PSA or PAP Test and EKG, Physical Exam, Height, Weight, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature, etc., Health Risk Evaluation: Diet, Exercise, Safety, Alcohol, Contraception, etc. , Disease Prevention: Stroke, Coronary Disease, Cancer, Illness, etc. , Health Maintenance: Review Immunizations, Recommendations/Referrals.

Healthy employees are more productive employees. In addition to routine care, we can help with weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep problems, and emotional issues such as depression and anxiety.

With the rising cost of health insurance, most businesses can no longer afford to provide comprehensive health insurance for their employees. Many have gone to higher deductible or catastrophic only insurance plans and Health Savings Accounts. This type of coverage is a perfect fit for patients at GracePointe Healthcare as we are affordable, especially when you consider the cost of our Smart Care Plans.

We also offer a Premium Smart Care Plan geared towards business owners and executives.

We can customize a Smart Care Plan for your business if you have any special needs. Please call our office for more information: (615)599-6868