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Benefits of Botox… Outside of the purely Aesthetic.

While many people are interested in Botox for it’s cosmetic benefits, we at Grace Pointe Healthcare want to make sure our patients considering Botox are aware of the many health benefits Botox can offer as well:

1.)  Botox can soothe migraines: Yep, you heard it here.  A doctor from the FDA who approved Botox injections reported that it can be used to “prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraines.”  For migraines, Botox treatments include injections in 7 different areas around the head.

2.)  Strabismus Correction:  Strabismus is a condition where the eyes cross.  Blurred vision and eyelid spasms along with crossed eyes can all be corrected by Botox injection.

3.)  Bladder Stabilizer: Injecting Botox into the bladder can help it to increase in volume and thereby decrease incontinence.  The effect of Botox on incontinence can last several months after a Botox injection to the bladder.

4.)  Hyperhidrosis treatment: Or, excessive sweating can be fought with Botox injections.  Patients reported their excessive sweating slowed down up to two years after having Botox injections.

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