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How to Avoid Frostbite During Record Breaking Lows

This past week brought more snow than Nashville has seen in years. The weather channel flooded the community’s televisions with updates on the incoming storms, and quickly deteriorating road conditions. In addition, temperatures dropped so low that 50-year-old records were broken. The temperature even dropped to single digits a few nights, closing down many of the businesses in the area in addition to metro and Williamson county schools for six days.

Of course, a little bad weather can’t stop the economy for long, and most people had to return to work by Wednesday. But that definitely doesn’t mean that a gust of warm air welcomed them as they walked into the office that morning. Temperatures this low aren’t just bad for road conditions. They can also be extremely dangerous for our fingers and toes. Don’t spend too much time out in these brutal conditions, but if for some reason you have too, here are a few helpful hints for avoiding frostbite!


Bundle Up: One jacket in three degrees just won’t do it! Be sure to wear lots of layers. Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and insulated heat gear are just a few you should consider. Also, make sure to put two or three pairs of socks on, and always wrap a scarf around your neck when you can. Your ears are very sensitive to cold, so put a hat on before taking the dogs outside or going sledding with the kids. In addition, always try for clothing that is water and wind resistant, and cover as much of your face as possible.


Limit Alcohol and Nicotine Intake: It is harder for your body to keep it self-warm when drinking or smoking. Instead indulge in a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate!


Stay Dry: When you come inside from the cold be sure to remove any wet clothing articles. In particular, shed your socks and gloves first, because your fingers and toes are most susceptible.


Look for early signs of frostbite: The first sign of frostbite is redness and, or pain of the exposed area. In addition, if you notice that your skin feels unusually firm and looks a bit gray or yellow, you should take immediate action to warm up. The best way to raise your internal temperature immediately is to drink something warm like coffee or tea. Do not run your hands or toes under hot water. This may cause an extremely painful burning sensation. Instead immerse the cold area in warm water for about a half hour.  


Seek medical attention immediately if signs of frostbite occur:

If you have been outside for any extensive period of time and notice any numbness, lack of feeling after a prolonged period, or discoloration seek medical attention immediately. GracePointe Healthcare we have a fully trained team of professionals ready to assist you and your loved ones in anyway needed. We believe there is a strong correlation between faith and good health and promise to offer all their patients affordable, patient-centered care. Visit GracePointe’s website today for more information on their staff and faithful practices.


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