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Affordable Alternatives to the Obamacare Insurance Mandate

Obamacare is here, like it or not. And premiums are already climbing at an alarming rate – some 40% or more over last year with higher deductibles. The IRS is predicting premiums of $20,000 a year for a family of five by 2015. Who can afford that? Perhaps, we should rename the mandate ObummerCare?

The Direct Primary Care model is a healthcare innovation that is catching on in response to the new mandate as more and more providers are fed up with all the insurance and government intrusions.

For the past two years we have offered affordable care on a cash pay basis to our patients and it has worked out beautifully for us as well as our patients. They get affordable, exceptional, personalized, no rush care with little wait time, same day and next day appointments and housecalls after hours and on the weekends.

We get to spend quality time with our patients, focused on helping them achieve optimum health based on their needs, not on what insurance companies dictate. We don’t have any stress or worry about not getting paid and we don’t have to fight with insurance companies for reimbursement on a daily basis. It’s all about our patients. And we even have the freedom to treat naturally when appropriate – something insurance companies won’t cover.

Another alternative to insurance driven healthcare is “healthcare cost-sharing”. It is based on the concept of people paying a monthly membership and pooling money to pay for care as needed. Members of these cost share organizations are exempt from the Obamacare individual mandate and the membership fees are much less compared to monthly insurance premiums.

The largest providers of healthcare cost sharing are Samaritan Ministries, Christian Care Ministries’ Medi-Share, Christian Health Care and Liberty Health Share.

Here’s a great article if you want to learn more:,0,1756934.story

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